• We love our Metro Taxi CT App which allows you to book, track and pay by credit card for your cab!

  • We love to provide wheelchair accessible service to those who need it 24/7/365! Metro Taxi was the company to pass this legislation.

  • We love that we're part of a grant that offers 50% off taxi transportation for people with disabilities!
  • We love our URide Safe Card which is a debit card that is replenishable online, which is endorsed by the Governor's Partnership Program!

"My parents can get right online and load up my card, so I never run out of money, it's great!" 
Katie from Quinnipiac University

"This card is awesome because it's only for taxis, so I"ll always have a ride home whenever I need it."
Doug, Southern CT University

  • We love our technology which locates the closest available driver for each passenger minimizing customer wait times, offers credit card options, and helps solve crimes for several police departments! [Muhammad will send you the pic]

  • We love our in-vehicle cameras which helps keep our customers and drivers safe and help the police officers do their job!

  • We love our Metro Team who work so hard so provide great service to the public, it's a tough job and they rock! 

  • We love that we're available 24/7/365 and through all weather conditions at no extra charge!

  • We love that our drivers love us enough to comeback after they've tried greener pastures. Orange and blues are all about driver customer service, optional training, account work and insurance! 
  • We love that our vehicles are environmentally clean and run on natural gas right here in the USA!

  • We love that we're able to contribute and participate in many community and charitable events!

  • We love our passengers who are patient and work with us through tough times!

  • We love our passengers who take the time to thank us for the good we do!

Most of all we love what we do for you!

Happy Valentine's Day!